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Lakeview’s Re-Opening Plan

5-19-2020 Update:


Our Church Council met last night and decided to stay with our original decision to wait until phase 3 of the Governor’s “Open Up and Recover Safely” plan. We believe this is the appropriate course of action for our people and it gives us time to be better prepared for opening. I am thankful for our staff and church leadership, and for the patience and support of our church family.

We are longing to once again gather for worship, and so our teams are preparing for that day. I will keep you posted on our plans and procedures.

In the meantime please join us online for worship and for Bible Study groups.

See you on June 7! 🙂

Bro Paul Thompson


Lakeview family!

As you know, our Governor has authorized a re-opening plan that includes churches being able to open for gatherings after May 1st, however with a number of restrictions and precautions that would need to be followed. Our church staff has diligently studied the guidelines and consulted healthcare workers in our church, local city leaders, and pastors in both our city and association including leaders from our Oklahoma Baptist Convention. We have discussed and prayed together about how best to move forward. And we are in agreement!

We want to get back together as a church for worship and fellowship soon!
But we also take seriously our responsibility as a church to do what is most loving and compassionate both for our church family and our Skiatook community. Implementing the social distancing guidelines and suggestions, protecting the vulnerable in our fellowship, and providing no childcare for our families leads us to believe it would be best to wait. Our local city leadership would also prefer that we wait.

Therefore, we have made the following recommendations to the Church Council and they have agreed:

1. We have decided to delay our gathering together again until at least Phase 3 of the Governor’s plan (which would be June 7th, at the earliest). A major reason for this is simply the logistics required to abide by the restrictions we are being encouraged to enforce. By the time we arranged the seating to practice social distancing and enacted other precautions (e.g. no nursery, wearing masks, etc.), it just wouldn’t seem much like church. Conversely, we do not believe it wise to put a large group of people together (who are singing) into a room while we are still this close in time to the peak of the spread of the virus. This will give us time to survey the church and consider best practices for when we do open. We will evaluate this date later in May.
2. We will seek to increase online connection points for prayer and bible study. The youth group is already meeting weekly online. The pastor will host a Wednesday night prayer/devotional time online starting this week. We would encourage some or all of our adult classes to have online weekly meetings starting by next week.

We will plan to keep you posted as things develop. Please be patient as we navigate these unusual circumstances together. We are praying for you and we know you are praying for us as well.
May God continue to bless us as we together seek to glorify Him in all things.

Bro Paul

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