IMG_2042_smallFellowshipsChurch is people in the process of life, together. To expect otherwise is to miss the essence and beauty of religion and particularly Church. It’s not about improving on or transcending human frailty. It’s about loving one another the way God does; just as we are – frailties, fears and fighting included. “
-Justin McRoberts
Fellowship of the believers comes from the Greek word “koinonia”. Lakeview believes that fellowship is essential in church as it helps believers to share one another’s burdens in life. Fellowship is not just another time to eat food with other people (even though we love food at Lakeview 🙂 ️), but fellowship is walking out the Christian life with another believer. When one is hurt, another believer comes along side to share the pain, when one has joy, another believer will share the joy, and when one has struggles, another believer will be an encourager. Fellowship of the believers is walking out the messy thing called life together. Fellowship of believers helps keep us accountable in our Christian life, and helps us build up one another through the encouragement of the Word of God. We aren’t perfect at Lakeview, but that’s why we need Jesus Christ because He makes us whole again. Come to Lakeview, and join us walking in the steps of Jesus together.