Worship, one word, but acted upon differently by so many people. We all worship something, whether it is our self, money, a celebrity or God; we worship something because we were and are created to worship.  Here at Lakeview we worship God, because He is the only one truly deserving of worship and affection. We worship Him through singing praises to Him. We worship Him through prayer. We also worship Him by doing the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Jesus’s last night on earth before the cross.  We worship God because we love God.  Here at Lakeview we worship God with a joyful noise and with gladness of heart. Some might say they can worship God by themselves in their own way, yet though there are times to worship God in private, we are shown in the Bible in Acts 2:42-47 that the believers are committed to coming together in fellowship and worshipWorship is key in the believers life because it sets our focus on God instead of our problems. It allows us to say, “God you are in control, and I am trusting you”, it’s not that we start to look at life as unicorns and rainbows; but instead we look at the hardship of life knowing the God we worship is greater than the hardship and walks besides us in the storm. Everything might might not be awesome, but everything about God is awesome making Him deserving of our worship and praise. Come worship God with us as we walk out following in the steps of Jesus.

Service Times:

9:15 am

Men’s/Women’s/Youth Bible Studies
Kids Worship/Discipleship (Pre-K–6th grade)
Nursery (birth-3 yrs)
10:30 am
Worship w/Overflow  (nursery provided)

Table of Grace: 5:30-7:00 pm
(a joint ministry of Lakeview/Dividing Bread)

Pastor’s Prayer/Bible Study: 6:30 pm
Youth: 6:30 pm
RAs/GAs: 6:30 pm
*no childcare provided